Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best in Land, Do What Can

Joshua came up to me yesterday and had made these really awesome "cougar teeth." He was so proud of them and wore them the whole day. 

Tried a new whole wheat bread recipe. It was very good. It's the only recipe I've tried that doesn't use any white flour at all. 

There's Luke-a-nator being adorable. He loves this toy dinosaur. Take a look at the next few pictures to see what happens when he plays with it. 

Love his face in this next picture. My kids have all done that same face one time or another at this age. 

Luke isn't looking in this one, but I had to post it as well. Look at my beautiful daughter. Candace is really growing up too fast. Also, as a side note, check out Levi in the background. He's getting him a piece of that dinosaur as well. 

These four kids are the cutest.  


Unknown said...

that's all?! SOOO cute!!! love all of these. -- becky

Stephanie Read said...

So adorable! Luke is at such a cute age.
Email me the bread recipe when you get a chance.

Marie said...

I love Levi trying to eat the dinosaur in the last pic.

DeAnn said...

I love the posts!

kami said...

Leo just saw the pictures of Luke and I quote, "Holy COW!!! He's sooo big!" Yeah, I know I already commented that, but seriously, we just moved barely, your kids should be the same size, not 3x's bigger. Levi looks huge as well. And the dino pictures are adorable. Love it! Leo also liked the cougar teeth, and "it's coming out...." Hee. Hee. Good times.

Bryan and Kathleen Jones said...

Such cute kids Natalie. And in Candace's case, very very pretty. We were looking at a baby picture of Luke and we think Lucy shares a resemblance.