Wednesday, December 10, 2014

North Pole Express

On Monday night we went as a family to ride the Heber Creeper. It's an old steam engine train that was built in 1899. They had it all decked out for Christmas.

We technically had paid for more seats than we occupied, but we loved being all cozy and squished.

The conductor came around and punched our tickets.

Mrs. Claus was there and the elves passed out her chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate.

Claire bear did so well. 

It was a 45 minute trip up to the North Pole. We could see Santa from our train window as we approached the North Pole.

Claire makes some pretty hilarious faces sometimes.

This picture is of Levi telling one of the elves a joke. 

She also played some Christmas songs on the fiddle. There was almost continuous singing of Christmas songs and they encouraged the kids to get up and dance.

After we reached the North Pole, Santa got on the train. As we rode back down to Heber he visited every car on the train. Levi was so excited and got up his courage to tell Santa a joke. Santa gave everyone a bell.

I love this last picture, because you can see everyone in it!

Saturday, October 25, 2014