Monday, March 19, 2012

at the park ... again

Aunt Becky found this cute park near the Peach Palace. She invited me and the boys on a play date.

This is the really cool pirate ship they had.

Levi's cute grin.

He climbed up those rocks and slid down this slide over and over and over again. He also demanded to wear his swimming suit and "dragon shirt" today. Whenever he feels he looks especially awesome, he says, " This is like a COUGAR shirt." Don't know what he means by that exactly except that BYU is cool.

Luke has recently discovered that he loves slides as well. If you sit him on the top he squeals and squeals as he slowly scoots himself over the edge and down the slide. I can't get blogger to recognize any of the video I take on my camera. Oh well. 

Joshua insisted on wearing this white turtleneck that day. He also asked this morning if he could change him name to Luke Skywalker. I told him I loved the name Joshua Eugene Taylor, but if he really wanted to he could change his name when he was 18. Candace then announced she was not changing her name when she was 18, but just the way it was spelled to "Kandis." I remember wanting to change my name to Vicky when I was growing up. I wonder if that's a normal fantasy for a child. 

Luke peeking at Becky. He loves his aunt. 

Cutest three boys in the world.

What is going on with Joshua's left eye?

This is the face Luke makes when he's grunting at us and wants a response. I also got that on video, but can't post it.