Saturday, October 6, 2012

Levi's Last Day of Soccer

Look at Levi! He is so darn cute. 

I love this picture.

What a beautiful girl.

Candace is a big help during Levi's practices. She watches Luke and Joshua on the playground.

This whole soccer season Levi has been practicing practicing practicing. On his last day he got to play a scrimmage for a few minutes. They put on flags and let the kids loose on the field.

Yes, Levi is sticking out his tongue in this picture.  
And in this next one, too! 

The game was quite entertaining to watch. The kids spent more time chasing the ball outside of the field than inside it. It was actually quite frustrating for the referee. When someone would kick the ball out of bounds, the referee would try to get the kids to give him the ball for the throw-in. Instead of complying, they would run around kicking the ball and the ref had to chase them down EVERY time to get control of the ball. 

Lining up to get his medal ... his favorite part of the experience.

Cheesy, cheesy grin.


Stephanie Read said...

Such a cute little run! and his hair is sooo blonde.

Unknown said...

yay levi! congrats on getting a medal. you're the cutest baby with baby soft hair. - becky