Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Soccer for Levi too

So Levi had his first soccer session today. He has been so excited for this. It's a Start Smart program so parents are involved heavily. Thank goodness James was able to help out.

Holding dad's hand. Adorable.

His coaches are having them all wave to the coaches as they introduce themselves. Again, adorable.

Look how big the T-shirt is on him. 

This is the stretching portion. The most adorable yet. 

At the very end they had the kids line up on one goal end of the field each with a ball. Then they played red light, green light while the kids dribbled the ball towards the other goal. It was the perfect game. They had so much fun. Again, look at how big the T-shirt is on the boy. 


Kami said...

I love the stretching--so cute!

Unknown said...

i've never seen anything so cute! - becky

Stephanie Read said...

so precious - Mom

jtjt10 said...

A pro in the making. Wait until they find how how great he can kick!

Bryan and Kathleen Jones said...

So cute. Can't wait to see you guys in December.