Saturday, June 15, 2013

Luke's Second Birthday

Luke turned 2! I tried to be extra creative with his gift from us and his cake, but it all went wrong. The cake is supposed to be a cloud while the helicopter is obviously flying in the sky. 

Luke was really excited about the helicopter. He loves seeing real ones too and lets everyone know when he hears one outside.

Everyone helped Luke blow out his candles. 

The cake might not have looked the best, but it was delicious.

Grandma Taylor sent this lawn mower and it was a big hit. 

And who doesn't want to see an adorable video of this newly turned 2 year old boy?


DeAnn said...

i love it

Marie said...

So adorable!

Becky Jones said...

soooo cute. miss them so much. happy birthday baby!

Bryan and Kathleen Jones said...

I think it looks great! The only one not very impressed is Josh in the first picture. Love it.

Happy Birthday Luke!

Stephanie Read said...

Looks fun. Umm... Was it just me or did the cloud turn pink? Sunset?