Monday, April 2, 2012

A Celebration in Song

All the first graders at Westridge Elementary had been practicing for several months and held a concert for their parents. They sang a lot of songs about the fall, the spring, George Washington, elephants, dogs and many others. They did a great job and I could tell that Candace was really proud of it and was really excited for us to come. She kept reminding us about it. Friday morning I reminded her to finish her breakfast so she would have enough energy for school, but she refused saying she was "too excited." Cute girl. We invited Aunt Becky and are so grateful when we get to see her. 

Becky with Joshua (above) and with Luke (below). The kids love her. 

The boys love her so much that they were all determined to be touching her in some way during the ride. Luke started it all by grabbing Becky's toe. Becky said, "A baby has my toe," which immediately elicited a response from Levi and Joshua who both scrambled to touch her toe/leg. Silly boys. The funniest thing about  this is that they stayed this way the whole ride. 

The crazy crew before the first graders arrived.  

 And here's the cute first graders. Can you find Candace?

 Candace was especially excited about being asked to help with the chimes.

My four handsome boys! What a great dad they have and husband I have. 

I love this picture of Becky. Beautiful. 


Unknown said...

love these pictures! i love when i get to spend time with you guys too!! -- becky

DeAnn said...

gross toes, Sorry to miss the concert. I would have loved to hear Candace sing