Tuesday, May 18, 2010

878 W 2100 N, Provo, Utah, 84604

The Family Room

The Kitchen

Panoramic view of family room and kitchen

Another view of the same
Hallway leading out of the family room. To the right is the bathroom, to the left is the hallway leading to the rooms.
Hallway leading to rooms, door at end of hall is our room
Our room
ANother view of our room
after our room the hallway turns and the kids rooms are at the end of this hallway
another view of the playroom
the third room, where the kids will sleep, the only entrance to this room is through the playroom, there is no hallway entrance or hallway between rooms
another view of the kids bedroom
panoramic view of the kids bedroom spanning into the kids playroom

kids playing in the snow white cottage from otherma in their new playroom


Tarmy said...

So light and sparkling! The kids will love your closet mirror!

The Wood Family said...

I am SO THRILLED for you guys! The place looks great! And, now that you're still staying close, can we plan another time to get together? We would love to see you again!

Marie said...

I can't wait to see it Saturday. It looks so great for you guys.

Kelly said...

It looks so spacious! Well I guess with no furniture any place does hun?:) I guess you guys are staying in Provo!! THat's happy

Nola said...

Looks like a great place. How do your kids do sleeping in the same room? Is James working in Provo area? You should post some details on what you guys are doing now!