Thursday, January 14, 2010

christmas and other stuff

Levi can sit in his high chair or booster seat now. I think he looks especially hilarious when he sits up to the table. His little head barely reaches over the edge.

Candace and Joshua loved the legos they received from their grandma. Here they both are next to their lego towers.

Levi always does this funny tipping thing when I try and get him to smile and he happens to be on his tummy. Cuteness.

This is Christmas morning. Levi is checking out the homemade pencil case Candace and mom made for him.

Candace and Joshua with all of their Christmas morning presents.

James and the kids on the plane ride home. Exhausting.

Joshua loves playing with his new Elmo gloves that he got from Grandma Taylor. He does the dance pretty well too.

Levi loves to eat, especially when he's being fed by his cute siblings.


Marie said...

so cute. it looks like Christmas was a lot of fun.

Becky said...

oh levi so cute!!! wow plane ride picture..flashbakcs. just kidding stephanies kids were good. but it looks like you guys did have your hands full. also i think that joshua would rather feed himself. :)

DeAnn said...

every picture and video is so adorable.