Sunday, December 13, 2009

thank you grandma and grandpa

These are pictures of our cute kids with some of the presents Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Gail gave them for Christmas. What a serious cowboy! All he needs now is a hat. He took this costume so seriously and wore it for about 30 minutes before taking off the bandana.

Levi holding his first stuffed animal. Adorable!

I took this by accident, but he's such a cutie I put it up here.

I'll upload a picture of Joshua and his new bear and truck in a later post along with a hilarious video of him and his cousin, Pierce twirling around and around with their new bears! This next picture is where Candace fell asleep this past week. She wasn't feeling good that day and crashed in our kitchen right in the middle of all the noisy action.

This is Joshua after a painting party. He loves to paint, but most of it makes it on his body including in his mouth. Bath time for him.


DeAnn said...

the picture of Levi is so cute. What happy times.

Marie said...

that bandana is hilarious. candace must truly have been sick to miss out on the action.

Becky said...

hahaha natalie..that's so funny. making josh say all those things!!! and the picture of levi turned out soo good :)

Maryann said...

I like the pictures. You know something is wrong when they actually take a nap. I hope she is feeling better.