Monday, September 14, 2009

candace's third soccer game

We were lucky to thave Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Gail come to Candace's soccer game. We have a blast watching the girls play. A funny story to illustrate how hilarious sports at this age can be: James is the assistant coach and he helps out during the games. He tries to give each of the girls equal playing time. At one point during this game all of the girls were so tired he was having trouble keeping them in the game. The other coach called over to James, "Coach, we need two more girls on the field!" James replied, "I know! I can't get any of them to go out there." It was pretty funny.

Grandpa and Levi

Candace is on the far right. I thought this was perfect. I got her doing her shoulder shrug that she does one hundred times a game.

Joshua is ready to play. We spend most of the games trying to keep him off the field.

Shannon has also been able to come to Candace's games. It's great to have her there. She is a huge help with a certain one-year-old.

Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Gail with our four-year-old soccer player.


Becky said...
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Becky said...

haha i cant wait until joshua starts playing sports..he wont even be tired enough to not go in. maniac!

Jess said...

that's awesome!!!!!! So cute!